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About us

After nearly two decades of museum and curatorial work at the  Museum Mimara and the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb, art historian Karmen Gagro opened one of the first private antique shops in Croatia, and is still the only one in Dubrovnik.

Together with her sister Nera Njirić, partner and manager, starts and runs a family business involving all family members. From an early age, they are collectors and admirers of old ethnographic jewelry from Dubrovnik area and the surroundings; so they wanted to share that passion and their love with fellow citizens.

A step away from main street on a prominent  corner in the street Između Polača 13, is a noticeable sign with the image of the golden guardian angel. Shop, designed as a box of treasure, has become one of the unavoidable Dubrovnik addresses.

The name "Moje Tezoro" (My Treasure) was chosen from the famous quote of  Marin Držić’s Renaissance theater piece, in which Skup- miser praises, glories and worships "his treasure".

Antique shop- gallery "Moje Tezoro" specializes in old Croatian and European jewelry from the Renaissance to the 19th century, but also in rare and selected examples of artistic craft of silver, glass, porcelain, icons, paintings and furniture.

Our customers are national and international antique lovers and collectors, committed and loyal customers that keep returning back for years, but also numerous museums and museum collections.

At the persuasion of many of Zagreb's customers, after sixteen years of operation in Dubrovnik we are opening a new store in Zagreb, managed by Ivan Gagro.

Since this is a small family business in which trade secrets are shared and protected, we are sure that "Moje Tezoro" in Zagreb, will continue to create new positive climate in the area of activity and in the life of the city.

Although we have a very small shop in Vlaška 117, we are bringing the ideas and programs that are not measured in squares.

It is our wish that knowledge and experience, together with best experts, become a reference site where they will be able to get expertise for different art pieces.

In Vlaška 117 selected items for house and home décor will be available, same as charming gifts for Christmas and other festive occasions.

We invite you to visit us with confidence!


Moje Tezoro d.o.o


Moje Tezoro - Dubrovnik
Između Polača 13
20000 Dubrovnik

Phone: +385 (20) 323-523

Contact person: Karmen Gagro

Contact person: Nera Njirić